My photos of the world seen so far

Journey Date Go...
Perujuly 2006See Peru
Boliviajune 2006See Bolivia
Bolivia (youtube film)june 2006See Bolivia
France (youtube film)march 2006See France
Francemarch 2006See France
Austria (youtube film) dec 2005See Austria film
Ardennes (FILM:15 min)august 2005See Ardennes film
Luxemburg november 2005See Luxembourg
Ardennes august 2005See Ardennes
China august 2005See China
Mongolia (youtube film)july 2005See Mongolia film
Trannsib (youtube film)july 2005See Transsib film
Moscow (youtube film)july 2005See Moscow film
Mongolia july 2005See Mogolia
Russia july 2005See Russia
Austria (youtube film)march 2005See Austria film
Austria march 2005See Austria
Instanbul (youtube film)december 2004See Istanbul
Istanbuldecember 2004See Istanbul
Luxembourg november 2004See Spain
Spain september 2004See Spain
Ardennes august 2004See Ardennes
Turkey july 2004See Turkey
Austria march 2004See Austria
Vietnam december 2003See Vietnam
Ardennes august 2003See Ardennes
Italy august 2003See Italy
Austria march 2003See Austria
Australia november/december 2002See Australia
Ardennes august 2002See the Ardennes
Tanzania july/august 2002See Tanzania
Ardennes june 2002See the Ardennes
France march 2002See France
Austria december 2001See Austria
Peru august 2001See Peru
Sweden august 2000See France
France june 2000See France
Tunesia december 1999See Tunesia
USA-West june/july 1999See USA west
Czech december 1998See Czech
Scandinavia july 1998See Scandinavia
USA-East august 1997See USA east
Canada august 1997See Canada
Miscellaneouslifetime See the beauties
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